The Difference We Make

We are here to change peoples lives both directly and indirectly.  To offer direct support here at our centre or through appropriate referral to the right service that can support you with your needs and stop the perpetual running around from one service to another without any success.

Your struggles, no matter how big or small are valid and of great interest to us here at First Stop.  We want to find ways to work with you to help you knock down those barriers and find ways forward that bring independence and self-confidence to your life.

This may be through support provided by the team and through attendance at our activity sessions and job clubs to help you gain the confidence you need to chase away the self doubt and understand that you can gain control over your future and your life goals.  Examples of support include but are not limited to:

– Finding appropriate accommodation
– Successfully applying for the correct benefits
– Maximising your income through ensuring all types of appropriate benefits have been claimed and are at the correct amount.
– Applying for Mandatory Reconsideration when appropriate
– Accessing and sourcing assistance for every day essentials if you are experiencing poverty
– How to Budget
– Finding appropriate bank accounts
– Looking at your employability and supporting you to improve your CV
– Helping to write an appropriate CV
– Job Clubs
– Support to access job searches through the internet etc.
– Mindfulness and how to find coping mechanisms for anxiety and stress.

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