First Stop aims to provide information advice and guidance to everyone - regardless of their background, education or income

We are an independent community charity who strive to put the interests of the person in the centre of what we do.

Subjects of enquiry can be varied; listed below are examples of the support and help we can offer.

(This list is not inclusive so please ring and speak to one of our team to find out what support we can offer).
Benefits – Helping you make and manage your claims.
Accommodation – Support to make and bid on council property, support to sort out issues with landlords.
Employability – Help with C.Vs, access to computers for job search.
Debt – Help sorting low level debt, setting up payment plans etc.
Accessing additional support with other services available in Darlington.

Enquires are not exclusive to this list.

Please ring our free phone number on 0808 196 3144 or 01325 254463 to speak to a team member or arrange an appointment.

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