At First Stop we offer help support around a variety of benefit issues.

Listed below are the benefit issues that we can help and support you with. (This list is not inclusive so if you are having difficulties understand or accessing the benefit system please ring and speak to a member of our team who have the experience and skills to guide you through whatever problems of issues you are having).

Benefit checks and eligibility
Managing and maintaining existing claims
Transitional claims
Support with making and managing your claim
Phone support, advice and advocacy
Pension credits
PIP support and advice
Council tax and housing claim element support
Accessing and completing online or paper forms
Information required for new claims
Finding out which benefit is correct for you

Enquires are not exclusive to this list. Please ring our free phone number on 0808 196 3144 or 01325 254463 to speak to a member of our team or to arrange an appointment

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