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Women's Services

At First Stop Darlington we understand the importance of offering our female clients the opportunity to spend time in a safe environment that enables them to feel free to discuss their issues, or concerns. We are now able to offer a Women’s Worker who can provide support in a way that helps our female clients address some difficult issues.  Having a lead Female Worker on hand when necessary is helpful for all our women and is especially so for those that have significant problems in their lives.


Our Women’s Worker offers one-to-one support to some of the women who visit First Stop and that have a range of issues they need to address.  As well as supporting them with these issues, she is able to accompany them to appointments.  Each client identifies the issues that they want to address and with the encouragement of their Worker they write an action plan on how they might do this.  The Women's Worker supports them in their goals and helps them to overcome any barriers they may be struggling with to encourage and assist them on the road to independence.


The Women’s Worker offers a variety of diversionary activities providing the opportunity to discuss difficult topics, or concentrate on problems. The activities encourage social interaction, creativity, companionship and most importantly the knowledge that they are not alone.


In doing the activities the women begin to relax and healthy conversations can develop which gently challenge their views that the life they are leading is all that they are worth.  One of the hardest things to bear witness to is when a person feels strongly that they do not have the same worth as others.  It is responsible for some of the most difficult situations that we learn about from our clients at First Stop, both female and male!


These activity sessions can be life changing for some; it is through being creative and enjoying the challenge of producing something from scratch that helps them to see how valuable they truly are and that they have a lot to contribute to the world.


For further information about Women's services contact us and ask for Kay.