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Key Point of Access

Key Point of Access (KPA) aims to prevent people from becoming homeless and to support those who are already experiencing homelessness.  A full assessment of an individual’s support and accommodation needs will be carried out with them, this ensures the right services are provided, and may include referrals to homeless accommodation funded by Supporting People.


The KPA is the pathway into accommodation services and also the pathway to floating support to help individuals be successful in maintaining their tenancy.


At First Stop Darlington all staff are trained to carry out and process an assessment and are aware of the needs and requirements for each housing provider or support provider which comes under this service.  The same service is also available in Darlington Borough Council Housing Department and the person who needs the assessment is able to choose which KPA service they would prefer to access to have their assessment carried out.  With the continuous support form Darlington Borough Council Supporting People team this service has moved on in leaps and bounds and is the way forward for access to supported accommodation and supported services.


If you would like to refer someone to the KPA service, or if you would like to self refer, please call First Stop Darlington or the Darlington Borough Council Supporting People Team.