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Drop In Centre


Every day First Stop Darlington opens its doors at 9.00am and provides a drop-in service for anyone that needs support with their problems, information to help them make decisions, advice and guidance on the varying choices and consequences that may happen dependent on their actions.


In real terms, this is the front-facing core service within First Stop and is the way that we meet most of our clients.  We are in the centre of town, have easy access for people with disabilities and are available without an appointment and usually without a long wait.  This is where we begin the journey of getting to know each person and building the trust between the client and First Stop.


It is in building this relationship of trust that people’s real life journeys start to unfold and the support worker can begin to unravel all the twists and turns that has led them through our door and help the individual see that they are not unsurmountable and can be broken down into bite size chunks.  This helps to take away some of the fear and can bring a sense of purpose and a plan of action for many.


For some, the chaos and difficulties have led to crisis on a number of occasions and their journey will begin with the encouragement and support to attend appointments with specialist services that will help address their entrenched problems.  The team work very closely with a range of specialist services and this helps to smooth away some of the fears or reluctance that people may have in attending and addressing certain issues.  Some of this group of people will go on to be supported by our complex needs, in-depth support service.